Simplifying the CRB Application Process:

Should you wish to undertake CRB checks for your employees or volunteers, you would firstly need to determine the eligibility of each person, as these types of criminal checks are only available to companies and organisations who can justify requiring such an in  criminal check report.

Not all posts require a CRB check.

You would then ask us to send a defined number of application forms to you (our appointed checker/verifier of documents) which would need to be distributed to the employees for completion under your supervision. Once the relevant forms have been completed and returned to MO Payroll, they will then be checked, processed and submitted to the CRB (on the same day to avoid delays).

Please note that MO Payroll must appoint an individual from your company to verify the employee’s ID and forward the completed forms to us for further administration.

CRB will send two copies of the certificate.One to the applicant’s home address  and the other to our counter-signatory. For this purpose, we require you to get a written agreement  from the applicant that you can receive a copy of the CRB certificate from us in line with the CRB code of practice

Tracking of CRB application:

We encourage you to retain the CRB application form number to enable you make an online tracking of the CRB application process. All that is required is this Application Form number and the applicant’s Date of birth to make this tracking  at

However, please note that with a view to speed up the CRB process, CRB will only deal/answer queries from/with our countersignatory or your applicant.