Welcome to MO Payroll

Payroll is arguably one of the non core business activities  in a  small ,medium or  large company that can be outsourced and managed safely, quickly and cost effectively.

MO Payroll  has the experience to  provide you with a reliable and accurate service at a value for money with time savings and freeing your resources to focus on your  core  business activities.

Benefits of choosing MO Payroll include but are not limited to:

  • keeping up-to-date with increasingly complex payroll legislation and filing guidelines  is not a core business activity but when NOT well  well managed can lead you to fines by HMRC. Not only will MO payroll enable you to avoid these penalties but also to take advantage of any financial incentives which may be available like online filing of returns and other HMRC forms.
  • MO Payroll complies with the Data protection Act.Security and confidentiality that  reduce the risk of exposing confidential information to unauthorised personnel is assured
  • MO Payroll uses HMRC compliant payroll software. You will therefore  not only benefit from use of  a software that is  compliant but also  make savings by not purchasing and updating a payroll software.
  • MO Payroll has proved and the necessary technical expertise in transfering your data to our payroll software. This can be manual or electronically. You are therefore assured of accurate and timely payroll reports.
  • Generating reports that will ensure compliance with the AWR 2010
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 Free up your time and resources to focus on your core business